Environmentally Friendly Deliveries

We have recently expanded our electric vehicle fleet in London and aim to extend this fleet to other areas in the near future. Great emphasis is placed in the knowledge of the local area and the combination of routes, where possible.

This intrinsic understanding has been built over a number of years, factoring in the individual needs of catering supervisors, the characteristics of the rural and congested roads in the area, coupled with delivery time windows. Furthermore in grouping routes, we are able to minimise the number of vehicles being utilised which directly reduces the CO2 footprint of a contract as well as reducing costs where possible.

Tracked Vehicles

With our tracked vehicles, we have complete visibility of our fleet – knowing where each vehicle is in real-time and how each driver is driving. This enables us to keep our customers up to date with collections and deliveries and gives us the ability to allocate a driver to last minute bookings, boost productivity, improve customer service and reduce our carbon footprint.